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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a soap last?

Since our soaps are natural and do not contain any preservatives, it is recommended to use them within one year of purchase - however, it is very likely that your soaps will still be good to use after that.

Do you have any tips to make my soaps last longer?

Yes ! We actually have a page including various tips to make your soaps last longer but to be extra sure, we also include a note to that effect with every order.

How do I take care of my soap tray?

Our soap trays are made of real wood and are oiled to be better protected from water/moisture to make them last longer - however, a little love and care never hurt nobody. It is recommended to gently clean your soap tray every couple of months, let it fully dry and apply a layer of oil (any oil, olive oil can do too) on it. Once the oil completely absorbed into the tray, you can use it again. Doing this will make your wood soap tray last much longer and keep it beautiful but don't worry, we include a note to that effect with every soap tray order as well. 

Are your soaps vegan?

Most of our soaps are in fact vegan but we do have a few soaps that include honey, milk, eggs or traces of nuts. You can easily find out if the soap you are looking at is vegan or not as it will be clearly specified for each individual soap.

How many soaps fit in a box?

Our standard box fits 6 soaps however we have different size boxes and can accommodate orders of any quantity of soaps. We also have different size boxes for shipping purposes which are thicker. Boxes for custom orders vary.

How do I order breastmilk soaps?

Breastmilk soaps fall under custom orders. Please contact us at info@yellowleaf.ca to have more details on any custom order including breastmilk soaps.

Do you do custom or wholesale orders?

Absolutely, we do custom soaps for special events such as weddings, baptism, etc. and we do make soaps for retail and/or wholesale purposes. We also make soap as corporate gifts. All of these fall under custom orders. Please contact us at info@yellowleaf.ca to have more details. If you want soaps for an occasion but are unsure of what you want, contact us and we will guide you and brainstorm various ideas with you to narrow down what works for you.

How much are custom order soaps?

We make custom order soaps for a variety of budgets. Please contact us at info@yellowleaf.ca for a custom order. We ask that you keep in mind a minimum 6 week processing time for any custom order (friendly reminder that cold process soaps need 4 weeks to cure). 


Got a question we didn't cover above? Drop us a line at info@yellowleaf.ca :)