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Soap Care Tips

Yellow Leaf Soap Care Tips


Your soaps take care of you.
Take care of your soaps.


To extend the life of your soaps, keep them away from direct water source as much as possible when not using them. If you don’t know what to do with your soaps, simply let them breathe so they can air out. Use a soap dish that will allow your soap to dry between usages.

Our soaps do not contain any chemical preservatives, palm oil, parabens, SLS or detergents of any sort; it is therefore recommended to use your soaps within one year after purchase. In any case you will love our soaps so much that there is no way they will last you this long.
How to enjoy your soap
Using your hands, a washcloth or a loofah, lather up your soap. Once the desired lather is obtained, wash yourself from top down (don’t forget the toes) and avoid the eyes. Take your time and give your body the love it deserves with our luxurious handmade soaps.