About us

                                  Vic your soap maker


Yellow, the colour of happiness, creativity and optimism – these are the precise emotions that I hope you feel when using, receiving or gifting my products. It is my goal to create soaps that you will never forget, by the way they look but most importantly but the way they make you feel. 

I’m Vic, I started making soap in 2016; I spent hours studying, reading and watching about soap making and it very quickly became more than just cleansing products that we use on a daily basis, they became a means of creativity, an art.  It is crucial for me to understand the fundamentals of soap making to have a product that is not only pretty for the eyes but good for the skin. All my soaps are made and enriched with natural products to ensure they are creamy, soft and good for your skin and your soul. 

Soap making is an art – an art that I am glad to be sharing with you.

With love.